Hands of Light Massage Therapy


  • Is draping required? -Yes. Per NYS law, clients must be draped. My table has sheets and blankets. If you run hot, we can remove the blankets but a top sheet to cover you must be used. 
  • What do I wear during the massage? -You will undress to your level of comfort. That varies client to client. Leave on as much as you need to feel secure.
  • Can I be fully undressed during the massage? -Yes! A sheet will be draped on you during the massage that covers all of your sensitive areas. 
  • What if I want more/less pressure? -Tell me! I will check in during the massage, but please speak up the moment you want things changed.
  • Do I have to prepay? -Yes. At this time, prepayment is required to book an appointment. 
  • Is tipping required? -No! Tips are appreciated, but never required.